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Mounttown Community Facility hosts a music school teaching Keyboards, Drums and Guitar.
Contact details 01 - 6636131
Music classes are run on Tuesday from 1445 - 1900, Wednesday from 1445 - 2100 and Thursday from 1445 - 1900. Musical Director Mr. Jerry Frehily.
Gerry has been teaching music since 2003 and to date over 100 kids have been thought by Gerry to play either the Drums or Piano. Our music teaching school provides one to one tutoring lessons and Jerry charges very competitive community rates in the climate we live in today, Jerry was also the Drummer for the Hot House Flowers for a number of years and is highly skilled in his profession, he has also performed and practised with some of the well known Artists such as The Dubliners, Sinead O Conner and Ronnie Wood to name but a few and would have very good connections within the music industry. Gerry is currently completing his masters degree in Jazz Performance and is always willing to teach the kids music skills, it is because of Gerry's love of music the kids who come to the Mounttown Community Facility to learn the art of mastering a musical instrument receive the highest standard of teaching. There will be another Tutor coming on board shortly to teach Guitar lessons and this service will also be provided within the Music School in The Mounttown Community Facility Building.
If you would like to learn to play the Drums / Piano or Guitar you can contact Jerry directly on 087/2688811 or ring the Mounttown Community Facility Ltd. on 01 - 6636131 and we will be happy to answer any query's you might have.